For more than 10 years Coach Rick has incorporated many yoga movements into his training protocols.  Yoga has shown not to only help the older generation but it’s being widely used by many sports teams across the globe for not only flexibility enhancement but for total body awareness as well.  It has shown to increase coordination, flexibility, thoracic spine mobility, balance, and stability which are all needed for athletes in competitive sports.  As athletes they need to be sure they work on restoring the kinetic chain in their body, incorporate proper breathing techniques and address functional strength and lack of mobility to help decrease the chances of injury.  Many professional trainers educate about imbalances to athletes because the majority have a dominate side as they perform skills predominantly on one side which can lead into side compensation. These imbalances can lead to a higher risk of injury for the athlete. The key is to make sure you tailor yoga exercises for the sport the athlete plays.

As for our adults we use yin yoga to help restore hardened fascia as well to regain some of the mobility we have lost due to age and or inactivity for a period of time.  We teach all our clients to focus on their breath quiet the mind and work on letting go of the daily stresses of life.  We incorporate a gentle side of yoga to our adults as yin yoga incorporates holding the stretches for a longer time to help lengthen muscles.

Below are some of the yoga exercises we use during our private and semi private sessions:

Warrior 1-3

Downward & upward facing dog

Dolphin & Dragon pose

Childs pose

Tree pose

Cat & Camel

Post By: Rick Saggese, XFS, CSAC