Mission Statement: To provide the finest performance systems to effectively help our clients achieve their goals

The development of an athlete doesn’t stop with an adjustment to the arm angle or body position.  To ensure lasting success, we work on all facets of the athlete’s game, including visual training, mental conditioning, core training, flexibility, strength, quickness and agility training, hand eye coordination reaction exercises, plyometrics, recovery/regeneration, sports nutrition, and athlete life skills (leadership, accountability and goal setting).  We  also believe data is important when you are trying to perfect a movement such as throwing, swinging and running with maximum efficiency.  To assist with this we use at the majority of our sessions the same training devices the professional athletes use such as the K Motion 3D Evaluation/Biofeedback system, Chronos High Speed Camera, Fitlight training system, Rapsodo, Stalker radar,  Diamond Kinetics and Motus Global.  We also use Hudl Technique and Rightview Pro video programs for all our video skill analysis.


The following services outline the rates associated with each training session. We now take credit cards processed by Paypal at the training studio. Please note if you decide to use a credit card there will be a 3% credit card fee charge added to the total.



 (Coach Rick is a certified NSPA speed & agility coach)

  • Sports Private Training – 30 Minute Sessions for $45 or Package of 5 for $200 | 60 Minute Sessions for $75 or Package of 5 for $350
  • Sports Semi Private Training (up to 4 participants)- 30 Minute Sessions for $65 | 60 Minute Sessions for $100
  • College Showcase Filming & Player Marketing Services (includes 5  copies) for $200
  • Rightview Pro Swing Video Analysis – 60 Minute Individual Evaluations for $90
  • Team Training (will travel to local teams practice) – 60 Minutes for $200


      (Coach Rick is a certified EXOS Fitness Specialist-XFS)

  • Single Fitness Sessions- 30 minute for $50 | 60 minute for $80 (all fitness services include a post Muscle Milk protein shake)
  • Tauno Package: 3 – 30 minute sessions + $20 (1x client consultation fee) $155 or $185 w/Regeneration (SAVE $15)
  • Cutting Edge Package: 5- 60 minute sessions + $20 (1x client consultation fee) $385 or $435 w/Regeneration (SAVE $35)
  • Beast Package: 10- 60 minute sessions + $20 (1x client consultation fee) $740 or $840 w/Regeneration (SAVE $80)


(blood circulation is the key to the body’s ability for prevention, healing, recovery and regeneration processes)

  • 1 Regeneration Session- $20 (15 minutes)
  • Package of 5 Regeneration Sessions- $85 (SAVE $15)
  • Package of 10 Regeneration Sessions- $150 (SAVE $50)
  • SPECIAL: add 1 regeneration session to any individual sports or fitness service listed above- $10 (must be used before or after your scheduled session)
  • BEMER Rentals: 1 Week- $250 / 2 Weeks- $350 / 1 Month- $600 (Includes detailed instruction for the recommended daily use)
  • BEMER Sales: View all products  (There is no greater gift than your health)



Cancellation Policy:  You must cancel within 2 hours of your scheduled appointment or payment will be expected at your next session.  Remember you are purchasing a block of my time.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Attention New Clients: Each new client is required to have a completed and signed waiver form(s) on file with Think Outside The Diamond before any baseball or softball instruction can be given. If you are participating in our strength or agility specific sessions only please just complete the fitness evaluation.  Please click and print the appropriate form below, complete and present this prior to your session with Coach Rick.  The media waiver is only for clients that want to be shown on social media platforms or on our website.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Waiver Media

Fitness Evaluation