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Personal Training

Personal training is a unique experience that should be customized just for you and  we will help you go beyond what you imagined was possible.

Sport-Specific Training

At TOTD Sports Performance, our programs are designed to bring out the potential in every athlete.  Our goal is to build an athletic foundation from the ground up so we can focus your training towards any sport, any field, any goal.

Wellness & Recovery

Learn how to increase your energy, improve sleep, recover quicker and enhance your overall wellness in only 8 minutes.  We offer individual sessions, rentals and sales.

Consultation Services!

For the first time, Think Outside The Diamond Sports Performance (TOTDSP) is opening up it’s services to other facilities from around the country.  Building a new facility, TOTDSP is here to help! Get our expert opinion on facility layout and design and get instant credibility.  But it doesn’t stop there, we will teach you and your staff the TOTDSP Methodology that has helped baseball/softball athletes from all over the country drastically improve in a short amount of time.  If you’re going to build it, build it right. Build it with us we have over 20 years years experience and trained over 10 thousand athletes!  INQUIRE HERE

I look forward to working with you,
Rick Saggese XFS, CSAC





Mindset For Winning Baseball Players

  THOUGHTS:  Exercise who is a great baseball player? Average person has 2k thoughts a day and over 60% of those thoughts are negative.  World class athletes have 1k thoughts a day and over 60% of those thoughts are positive. What you think is how you feel how...

Good Circulation Is Key For Wellness

Coach Rick Saggese, owner and founder of Think Outside The Diamond, is proud to announce he has added strength training classes and BEMER Vascular Therapy to his lineup of services.  Saggese is widening his scope to not only train athletes, but also, adults looking to...

How To Help Yourself Lose Weight Without Working Out

Photo Credit: Pixabay If you are trying to lose weight, getting sidelined by an injury or illness can be discouraging. You may feel like shedding those pounds is impossible without your strenuous cardio or strength training workouts, but you can still work on your...