GET ICED-Premium Batting Gloves

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Finally a glove that has meaning!! BRIDGE YOUR TRAINING TO GAMES b/c we all perform better when chilled (relaxed).

Premium Cabretta leather with a lightweight  breathable back and nice wrist band but the game changer is the words “GET ICED” (inhale confidence exhale doubt) and BREATHE.


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Many times during competitive games in the heat of the moment we forget to do the simple aspects that puts us in the proper mindset. These gloves aren’t just for your hands they have a full body IMPACT!! Bridge your training to games!

See chart for proper size on item listing.

3 reviews for GET ICED-Premium Batting Gloves

  1. I never wore gloves prior to these but now I’m hooked they are so lightweight and the grip is amazing Nicholas B.

  2. The dri fit material on the back breathes so well and also gives me the needed flexibility in my knuckles. Love these! Miles

  3. 5 out of 5

    I got these for the words on the glove to help me stay calm and relaxed but the gloves are so soft and lightweight. These are a slam dunk!

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