(Inhale Confidence Exhale Doubt)



Do you play as well in competitive environments than you do in practices or training?  If you are like most athletes, the answer to this was more than likely,  NO!  Why is this?  Well there is many attributes that could lead to this but many times it’s the pressures and expectations that competitive environments that change our thoughts and or emotional aspects within our body (ie: heart rate, fast breathing, doubts etc.).  Finally, did you know, if you created a routine that allowed you to control these emotions you would allow all your hard earned habits to perform to their capability?  It’s true, and here’s why GET ICED was born….

We came up with products because many times we won’t remember to do the small aspects in games  and just doing a breath won’t do the trick. Meaning visualizing your breath what is it doing to your body is the key.  GET ICED and create an action to a word (thought).  Our simple motto allows us to align our breathing and heart rate variability.

Just like a vision board why do they help us achieve goals?  It has to do with  the RAS aspect of the brain reticular activating system.  This is a network of neurons located in the brain stem that project anteriorly to the hypothalamus to mediate behavior, your behavior inhale confidence exhale doubt

(RAS Definition: Your reticular activating system is the mechanism in your brain that helps make goals happen. With, a conscious direction (such as writing goals down, and focusing on what you want) you begin to attract people, things, places, situations and opportunities into your life/game. )

Finally, a product you can wear that has meaning!! A word becomes a thought and a thought can create an action.  BRIDGE YOUR TRAINING TO GAMES b/c we all perform better when ? chilled (relaxed).  Don’t use b/c of a logo but use so a product can make an IMPACT ON YOU! USE THE PRODUCT AND REMEMBER TO EXECUTE THIS POWERFUL ACTION TO PRIME YOUR BODY TO PLAY WITH THE HABITS IT’S BEEN TRAINED TO DO AND NOT THE THOUGHTS WE WILL FALL VICTIM TO MANY TIMES!

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