Congratulations to the TOTDSP clients that have continued their careers at the collegiate/professional level:

Mike Yastrzemski: San Francisco Giants

Justin Black: Atlanta Braves (4th round draft pick)

Zander Clarke: San Francisco Giants

Tyler Selesky: San Diego Padres

Grant Lavigne: Colorado Rockies (1st round draft pick)

Zach Clarke: Claremont McKenna College

Jack Nitti: Rutgers University

Michael Farina: University of Tampa

Matt Thompson: Florida Southern College (Track)

Tyler Bouchard: Navy

Sean Means: University of West Florida

Shane McCarthy: Florida Southern College

Charley Bergsma: University Of Central Florida

Brady Ham: Daytona State College

David Hernandez: Montreat College

Shane Walker: Vermont State University

Kyle Fowler: Florida Southern College

Will Cialone: Fairleigh Dickinson University

Nick Denove: Case Western Reserve University

Jaret Lacagnina: Davidson College

Matt Vetter: Warner University

Gabe Lacagnina: New York University

Marc Coffers: Florida Gulf Coast University

Mathew Lord: Northeastern University



John D’Amelio: Stetson University

Derren Pass: Peru State College (Football)

Anthony DeBella: St. Olaf College (Football)

Tyler Hall: Ave Maria University

Darius Autry: Sacramento City College

BJ Minarcin: Santa Clara University

Henry Schave: West Virginia Wesleyan College

Jack Colton: Harvard University

Steve Dill: Harvard University

Jake McGuiggan: Harvard University

Brad Fieger: University of Miami

Cristian Cotto: Ave Maria University

Lauren Vath: St. Petersburg College (Softball)

Ellie Rushing: Rollins College (Softball)

Lauren Dileo: Florida Southwestern (Softball)

Ashley Swiderski: Florida Gulf Coast University (Softball)

Brittany McGuire: Florida Gulf Coast University (Softball)

Victoria Ash: Stetson University (Softball)

Grace Klingensmith: Greensboro College (Volleyball)

Jordan Benoit: Pepperdine University (Beach Volleyball)

Montana Pelak: Weber International University (Beach Volleyball)

Addison Potts: Perdue University (Basketball)

Catie Reszel: Ave Maria University (Basketball)


The depth and breath of Coach Saggese’s instruction was very impressive. His ability to communicate and motivate is beyond anything I have seen in teaching. From the basics to the more fine movement, Coach Saggese accomplishes this training with top of the line latest training equipment.

-Jim Monahan, Sketchers Footwear, Manhattan Beach, CA

Baseball and mindset training- Coach Rick Saggese is one of the best baseball minds I have ever known and has lived and breathed the sport his entire life. His experience and ability to communicate coupled with his endless desire to help others reach their potential is amazing resource to those working with him.

– Anthony Disarro, Naples, Florida

Rick, Dan Cundiff here. I just wanted to tell you that you made a mark on our two boys that continues to guide them today. Things that I could not have delivered as messages. that they would have accepted, but coming from you, they were gospel. Just tonight, Steven recalled how you helped him call out colors of the marked on a baseball, as you pitched it. Today, he works for Disney as a Director of House cleaning for Disney, your lessons help him walk int a room, and focus very quickly on 2-3 items, with total confidence. Danny is our older son after starting the BC lacrosse team, coaches his adopted son in football and lacrosse, in Portland. I know, he coaches in the RS style of support. I still remember you telling me, coach in practice, support in games. So, a big thank you from Dan and Lynn Cundiff!

-Dan Cundiff, Portland, Oregon

It’s not often I take to writing an email, but the call I received last night, 2 hours before opening day from a MLB player about working with you prompted me to take immediate action and write this email.  I have wanted to send a letter of gratitude to you for all you have done in the community and with the training of many athletes with our Sledgebats products. The sales of our products in Florida and the athletes that are receiving awards in the high schools and colleges near you are both outstanding.  Although you never advertise your students success, we are aware of the college players and professional athletes that workout with you. The emails, videos and text messages we get from these athletes speak volumes and it’s directly related to your (TOTD) training programs and commitment to others. One young athlete in particular has communicated with me weekly for over a year.  He keeps me informed on his progress. His failed previous training, (Before TOTD) did nothing to develop his athletic skills or talents. Since working with you and your training methods, he has become the player I and his father knew he could be. He worked hard to improve his skills but was unsuccessfully trained by others that never have produced a single professional player.In a nutshell, he stepped up at (TOTD) and went from being a under developed non-athlete to becoming a very solid competitive athlete with a potential pro career. He now plays on a great D1 baseball team in California. This is all because you demanded the best out of him as a player. Well done!!! On a personal note, I respect what you have done. I hear what the parents and athletes tell me about you. I’ve seen the results in person in the athletes you have re-invented and helped. You continually have been rated (Top Notch) in athletic training, performance and skill development in our country by professional athletes.You have earned my highest praise and I will continue to recommend you to each athlete, so they can learn from and possibly train with one of our country’s very best instructors.

– Phil Ouellette, Sledgebat, Founder

Rick Saggese has trained my son Anthony who is a college football player in Minnesota for the past 2 yrs. He is very passionate in his training and takes great pride in the development of this young athletes thus maximizing there potential. He has cutting edge techniques along with the latest workout equipment. He brings results! My son Anthony has excelled in his program. He went from an average HS lineman to starting 20 straight games in college at left tackle. This year as a sophomore my son was named to the All-MIAC team. He has made Anthony stronger, faster and built his confidence which I feel is the secret ingredient to Ricks program. Anthony is now 6’5 305lbs going into his JR year. He has maintained his speed and agility because Rick focuses not only on strength but the importance of flexibility. He is now working with my son Franco who’s passion is baseball. He has helped Franco lose weight and become more confident in his abilities. His personal touch to his training is second to none and his passion for the young athlete is unparalleled in the industry. Our family thanks Rick for his dedication to our kids and the awesome results he has helped them produce!

– Anthony DeBella, Atlanta, Georgia

A quick note to tell you how much the boys, Judy and I enjoyed the Saggese-Gilman baseball training.  Grant and Owen loved the experience.  They said you were the best coach they ever worked with and both of them have been to a number of baseball camps and 1 on 1 sessions in Maryland.  You really connected with them on two levels.  First, you taught them with precise instruction and your added cameras and apps are the best teaching aids around.  You held their interest every minute.  Second, you built their confidence with your continuous positive statements and reinforcement.  They picked up on it and it really worked. They are “rippers” I learned as much as they did.  In my business career I always tried to build people up and be encouraging.  After watching you for four days I appoint you as a master of making people feel good about themselves to gain self-confidence.  Your studio set up is terrific.  You have everything there a player needs and the decor is fascinating.  So, congrats on what you are doing and how you are doing it you are the best!

– Ken Gilman, Baltimore, Maryland

THE IMPACT A COACH CAN HAVE ON A PERSON EVEN 30 YEARS LATER: Hey Rick, hope all is well been a long time since the Cubs and I saw you were coaching kids now like your father did for me. I wanted to share this with you. growing up in the town of Andover Massachusetts wasn’t easy especially if you were an athlete the politics were extremely hard to make a sport team. your father wasn’t friends with a coach or you were not friends with the coach kid it was difficult to make a team. for me I loved sports basketball football baseball. Loved them all but baseball was the toughest to be a part of for me I didn’t have that father in my life at all. I want to stay on track but I want you to know that I know what your father and my coach did for me all those years ago,. I don’t know if you know the story but after tryouts for the majors all coaches got together to pick the teams one ten-year-old would make each team. Your father picked me but all the other coaches told him not to he could have easily chose another kid but he didn’t he chose to keep me. your father was a great coach but a better person. he taught me a lot never to give up keep fighting always be true to yourself and most importantly be good to others treat people the way you wanted to be treated. I wanted to share this with you after all these years well I don’t know exactly why to be honest but I was watching the LLWS on ESPN and all I could think about was how good of a man your father was to me and you were to me as well. your father came to my Allstar game with you when I was 10 I was never a great hitter but I could field great I remember them putting me in and seeing you and your father out in outfield watching I hit a double that time probably my only hit and their you guys were to support me. I can’t thank your father enough for the gratitude he showed me and the respect he gave me as a 10-year-old kid. He made playing baseball fun for me and I thank him for that. I stopped playing baseball after the Cubs. I just wanted to share this with you that your father was a great coach and even better person who helped to change my life and I can’t thank him enough for the way he treated me. your just like your dad and I’m sure your changing kids lives everyday like he did for me keep it up.

– Lee Baron, Andover, Massachusetts


   “Rick was a student of the game; I can’t think of anyone more prepared to train with.”

         Jim Morris~ 25 year HOF Head Coach, University of Miami Hurricanes


“Rick’s playing experience, knowledge and training program is a place where you can only become a better player and person.”

 Bret Williamson~ Arizona Diamondbacks Scout, Hitting Instructor