In the ever changing world of sports performance “personal motor profile” concepts is another to add to the lengthy list.  I will dive quickly into what this concept is about and why it’s important to factor it into your training meathology. Bio mechanics measure movement as movement profiles is trying to produce the best move.

There are 2 type of movement profiles I will discuss here:

  1. Aerial- upper body dominant shoulder lead
  2. Terrestrial- Lower body dominant pelvis lead

Aerial profiles get their power from speed mainly using their shoulders for transfer of energy.  They tend to supinate shoulders (roll inward) to gain speed while running they tend to have side to side swinging.  They are extention and horizontial/vertical force rebound thru core/glutes and hamstrings. They tend to be more symetrical

Terrestrial profiles get their power from the hips a lower center of gravity just think of a squat as they transfer energy thru force.  They are mobile, fluid and move well thru spine flexion. They tend to be more asymetrical thru back/quads and calves.

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Rick Saggese, XFS, CSAC