Cutting Edge USB (Revised Edition)

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USB Flash Flip Card, The Cutting Edge is an essential tool in mental preparation for both on and off the field.  Performance can be negatively affected because of the increased stress of competition.  The Cutting Edge focuses on the mental aspects of preparation of competition since success on the field is 90% mental and 10% physical.  The successful mental game of baseball allows you to control confidence and optimizes your performance.  Goal setting, mental imagery, self talk, and proper game preparation techniques are just some of the skills that are addressed in the Cutting Edge.  Discipline yourself to a “desire to win” mental game.  The Cutting Edge will advance you to the next level of your game…the winning edge.

(approximately 15 min in length)

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Brand new comes via USB Flash Flip Card (AUDIO) as well as a sheet of advanced strategies.

2 reviews for Cutting Edge USB (Revised Edition)

  1. 5 out of 5

    This CD really helped me to gain the relaxation & confidence I needed.

  2. Being a older softball player I need everything that can help me. I’m a head guy and this really helped me learn to GET ICED and find my inner power! Rick D.

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