Hitting data is engulfing the baseball and softball industry like a great white shark does on their prey.  Data has shown to be priceless when it comes to perfecting a swing, throw or any movement where we can get objective feedback however it’s not the only part a trainer needs to look at.  Here is 5 reasons why data is not the only and final answer to peak performance in hitting a baseball or softball well….

  1. Data allows us to make the proper adjustments to perfect bat to ball connection for maximum speed and distance but it won’t fix the movements to enhance that data. This is where the teacher comes into play.
  2. Does this data play in competition?  Meaning how is the athletes mindset, confidence and relaxation to allow their skill set to be maximized?
  3. Visually processing ball and strikes many times factor into how well we connect bat to ball, is this working properly?
  4. External distractions with limited focusing abilities have had a huge impact on athletes in the batters box the past decade. Concentration needs to be worked on.
  5. Off the field habits such as sleep and diet have a major impact on an athletes performance


Post by: Rick Saggese, XFS, CSAC