Not every healthy individual was healthy all their life; they likely had to adopt habits to change their daily routines, whether it be by making time in the morning for breakfast, or time in the evening to go for a walk to create a healthy, happy lifestyle. It constantly appears true that the majority of fit, healthy individuals have the same habits.

Fit people tend to, habitually, surround themselves with like-minded people. You may be with your friends when they decide to go out for ice cream, and despite your strict dairy-free diet, you indulge with an ice cream cone as well. Instead, imagine going to try a pilates class for the first time with your (like-minded, and therefore fit-minded) friend. By surrounding yourself with people of similar interests, you’ll likely be more enthusiastic on your pursuit to a healthy lifestyle.  Eating out becomes an easy habit to fall into, as it is cheap and easy; make a conscious effort to cook your meals at home. This is a habit the majority of healthy people adopt. With home-cooking, you’re more likely to choose healthier options. Remember, “A healthy outside starts from the inside.” -Robert Urich  Another conscious effort should be made to avoid drinking your calories. Healthy people usually choose to drink water, rather than soft drinks. If you make this a habit and drink the correct amount of water daily, you will not only remain properly hydrated, but you also ensure your organs are working optimally and that your skin is hydrated as well.

Sleep is another “key” to becoming an individual with a healthy lifestyle. A regular sleep schedule is crucial to a healthy lifestyle; try to avoid staying up late binge-watching a show one night, and then going to sleep at a much earlier hour the next. Aim to find regularity, no matter the time. Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your metabolism and digestion. Also consider the fact that your lack of sleep could be the reason you are left unmotivated to exercise. Lastly, almost every fit person would recommend eating breakfast. Your breakfast, or lack thereof, ultimately determines your day, as it can affect your mood, metabolism, and physical performance.

Science explains that it takes around 21 days to form a habit. Don’t become discouraged, set a goal and stick to it. Patience and confidence are key!

Guest Post By: Taylor Bouchard