When I train my baseball or softball specific clients it’s a much different approach than when I train non athletes or my adults clients. First baseball is a sport with a lot of change of direction and rotation so the core of my programs focus on explosive rotational movements with a lot of agility.  My non athletes depending on their goals are approached with a focus to build lean muscle and decrease body fat (improve BMI).

Baseball and softball players bodies at the collegiate or professional level are tested thru a grueling 70-180 game season so our goal is to build a foundation at the beginning of our off season training then move into the pre season aspect which I want to peak their strength and power and finally moving into the in season I want them to be able to maintain their strength and power. Here is a type of workout I would construct for a baseball player:

Off-Season: (12-16 weeks) 4 day – Focus in Intensity over volume more reps lower weight moving fast!

Pre-Season (4-8 weeks) : 3 days:- Focus is intensity 2 days volume 1 day

  • Power/Strength 2.  Agility  3. Power/Strength-
  • In-Season: 2 days: Focus is volume over intensity lower reps higher weight 2-3 reps

Adapt schedule so the agility workout day will always be closest to game day


Post By: Rick Saggese, XFS, CSAC