When we teach infield fielding we first teach the proper footwork on fielding a baseball or softball in front of you.  We talk about the triangle approach which teaches the players to keep a wide base with the tip of the triangle being their glove.  This incorporates the proper fielding position by making sure the player bends at their waist not their knees which keeps the glove out in front of their feet.  After the proper footwork is learned we talk about using an “alligator” approach catching the ball with two hands and finally being soft and bringing the glove to the belly button to get the player to move into the next position which is the throwing position.  Always remember to do drills that help enhance the quickness of the players feet.

A good drill is to have the player do a 4 cone quickness exercise as the coach points to a cone the player quickly gets to that cone (shown above is the use of optional k-bands for an added strength aspect).  This is a great exercise for overall quickness while you learn to change direction.  Here is some baseball and softball quickness fielding drills as well as training aids we use.  Coach Rick is certified in functional movement screen (FMS) and in speed & agility by the National Sports Performance Association (NSPA).

When you are speaking about how to incorporate the proper baseball drills it should also include baseball throwing drills.  Baseball drills have been used by many baseball trainers but I have compiled some of my favorite infield drills and outfield drills over the years.  Here is some baseball drills that I use.

Fightlight training system

Zig-Zag outfield drill

L & T position throwing drill

Reaction drill

Posted By: Rick Saggese, XFS, CSAC