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Personal Training

Personal training is a unique experience that should be customized just for you and  we will help you go beyond what you imagined was possible.

Sport-Specific Training

At TOTD Sports Performance, our programs are designed to bring out the potential in every athlete.  Our goal is to build an athletic foundation from the ground up so we can focus your training towards any sport, any field, any goal.

Wellness & Recovery

Learn how to increase your energy, improve sleep, recover quicker and enhance your overall wellness in only 8 minutes.  We offer individual sessions, rentals and sales.

Proven Results!

I want to welcome you to my website.  I have been training adults and athletes for over 20 years helping each client to achieve their personal and athletic goals.  I was an athlete all my life and can relate to today’s athlete with the pressures and demands put on them.  I don’t just train my adults and athletes but connect with them on a personal level so I can help them live a healthier and happier life.

To have long lasting success I build and establish a belief system with each client, if it’s an adult strength training or an athlete trying to improve sports performance.  We set goals, develop visual acuity, increase range of motion, increase overall strength, and instill an “I WILL” mindset with each client.  Many times it’s not what I teach physically that has the greatest impact but what I say to my clients that makes all the difference.  If you are looking to get healthier in a positive environment, improve your sports performance and or fine tune your baseball or softball skill set, TOTD Sports Performance is the place for YOU.

Rick Saggese XFS, CSAC




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