Podcast EP #27
I wanted to go over a few items that you can actually put this episode on your phone and get some really mental physically ready to perform at your highest level. I’ve been getting a lot of requests, “Can you do something so I can listen to you prior to my practice, prior to my game? That’s when I feel I have the most fear or when I doubt myself.” So I’m putting this together so you can put this on. It’s going to be on Blog Talk Radio, or you can get it off the iTunes podcasts, Coach Rick 37. You can go ahead and put this onto your phone and listen to this prior. I want to know and get some feedback how this is helping people. This is something, again, we’re being requested, so I’m providing this now for those people that requested. I hope this is going to be what you are looking for.

So I’m going to start with batting. I’m going to throw some things at you, and I want you to listen to this prior to a practice and a game to get you in the right mental state. To do that, you have to do three things. You have to really change your physiology. You have to get your body moving. You have to get your hand pumping, whatever it is, some movement in your body. You have to change your focus, and then you have to finally change your language. I want you to listen to this, and after you listen to this, I want you to start- And even during it, if you want, start feeling that. Start talking to yourself. Start saying, “Yes, yes.” Start pumping your arm. Start getting some movement going. Start focusing on what you’re going to be doing in this game. Start seeing yourself as I’m talking to you. Let’s get started.

Batting. I want you go up there with confidence. I want you to go up there knowing that you are the man or you are the woman. You’ve got this. And that’s true, you do got this. Don’t let that second thought or let that little person on your shoulder say you don’t. You’re a winner.

Are you prepared for this situation? I’m sure you have. All that practicing that you’ve done, all those times you hit in the cage, that’s the time for you to go out there and say, “This is what I’m here for,” to just go out and have fun and trust. What do you practice for? Just because you have to be there? No, to go out there so you can know how to do something without thinking about it. Trust in your skills. You practiced. You put the time in. You practiced in silence. Now, it’s your time to go out there and make noise under the lights. That’s what it’s about. You got this. You do. Don’t say you don’t. Go ahead and make a fist pump. Go ahead and say, “Yes, I do.” Yes, yes, yes you do.

You’re a winner. You’re better than the pitcher. He’s out there to embarrass you. He’s out there to make you look like a piece of you know what. You going to let him do that in front of your family and friends? You going to let him embarrass you? It’s time for you to take charge. It’s time for you to step up. It’s time because you have it. It’s in you. There’s greatness.
Pitchers, this is for you. Stop aiming the ball, and start throwing the ball. Stop trying to overthrow and play catch with the catcher. Step off, control the emotions that’s going through your head. Breathe. Do your physical movement. Do some type of physical movement, if it’s tie your shoes, or if it’s to stretch your arms. Then take a deep breath and relax, and feel that exhale. When you exhale, feel all that tension and anxiety leave your body.

Step on that mound. I want you to stare down that hitter. I want you to tell yourself why you’re on that mound and why someone else is not. Why is it you? You know why it’s you? Because you belong there. That’s right. You belong there. That coach would not have you out there if you didn’t belong and he didn’t believe. I want you to know that. I want you to step up there. When you step on that pitching rubber, your focus is 100% in a tunnel right to that catcher’s glove. You’re going to relax, and you’re going to let that arm just go.

You’re going to throw just baseballs or softballs with a relaxed, quick motion to the glove. You’re going let your defense play behind you. That’s right. You’re not trying to strike everyone out. Try to pitch to contact. That’s right. Focus on pitching to contact. If you can do that and let your defense play, you’re awesome. You’re the greatest. You belong there, and that’s why you’re there. I want you to step up, and I want you to look yourself in the eye and say, “I love being in the center of the diamond. This is what I live for.”

Get on that mound and just have some fun. That’s right, because you prepared as well. You’re ready for this situation. You’ve thrown hundreds and thousands of pitches before. You don’t need to think about it. Go out there and just do it.

Guys and girls, I hope this helps you. I want you to listen to this message before every practice, every game, and I want to hear feedback. Don’t you don’t give me feedback. I’m providing you this, and I want to make it what you want. If you want it better, you want something else, you need some more, you let me know. I’m going to make it happen.

My mission on life is to help you to help every baseball and softball player play at their highest level. It’s not your physical ability, it’s your little mind. That’s right, that little mind in yours. You control that, and you will play amazing, now go out, and I want you to dominate the day. . Get more info on  Twitter: coachrick37 & Instagram: totdcoach

Post By: Rick Saggese, XFS, CSAC