Blackout: we will tell you how useful darkness is and why you need to sleep without light. Sleep in the dark is a reliable protection against cancer, support of immunity and preservation of youth. In this article we will tell you why it is very useful to sleep in the dark.

The bedrooms are now arranged in such a way that they are filled with bright light and reflections of mirrors. Besides, in bed, instead of the relaxed thoughts, we pull the flickering of the mobile phone screen, as well as various electronic gadgets that prevent us from sleeping normally and lead to health problems.

Rhythms of sleep

The first thing that appears in our body against sleep and light is the so-called “circadian rhythms” that regulate our phases of sleep and wakefulness. Night artificial lighting completely breaks down all age-old habits of a person, it is from here that the concepts of “lark” and “owl” appeared. Pale lighting, unlike daylight, triggers a cascade of biochemical reactions that include the production of hormones such as cortisol and melatonin.

Melatonin and cortisol – what is their value?

Melatonin is the key to understanding why artificial lighting is so harmful. This hormone, responsible for lowering blood pressure, regulating body temperature, blood sugar level, and also responsible for health and skin color, is produced in the thyroid gland only in complete darkness. If there is, at least the slightest source of light, melatonin ceases to be produced in a full dose, which leads to health problems. The lack of melatonin leads to premature aging, obesity and problems with metabolism.

Cortisol in our body is responsible for the phases of wakefulness and sleep, in the dark, its concentration in the body decreases, allowing us to sleep deeply. This is the “stress” hormone with artificial lighting is not developed in time, the appetite and sleep are disturbed.

The level of light and the danger of cancer

Studies have shown that if a person sleeps at bedtime in a room light, melatonin is produced 90 minutes less than in dim light. The blue light that emit LEDs, as well as various gadgets, affects the production of melatonin negatively.

Violation of the production of hormones leads not only to premature aging, but also provokes a bad dream, and then more serious consequences – for example, the risk of getting cancer.

So, scientists conducted an experiment, within the framework of which they asked women to sleep about six months with light, and another part of women – without it. Those who slept under lighting were 22% more likely to develop cancer than women sleeping in total darkness. In addition, earlier experiments have shown that melatonin blocks the growth of melanoma cells – a malignant tumor.

What to do and how to fix it?

The production of melatonin in your body is quite easy to reverse. First, remove everything that one way or another radiates light at night from the bedroom – electronic appliances, watches, lamps and nightlights, which you leave for the night.

Hang tight curtains or close the blinds on the windows, so that street lighting does not penetrate into the room, and also remove from the room everything that glows – gadgets, a smartphone and other electronic devices. By the way, half an hour before sleep, we advise you not to use them. If you work in the dark, it’s best to change jobs to the one where there will not be night shifts.

The lack of sleep or the wrong sleep leads to different violations, including nightmares.

Stress, depression and chronic fatigue, as well as lack of sleep affect our nervous system. As a result, we feel depressed, we have aggression and irritability, and the night turns into a “war” between you and the fruits of your imagination. However, it is not necessary at the first nightmares to run for sleeping pills or to a psychiatrist – for a diagnosis, because in this case ordinary foods can help you. Here is the list of delicacies that will provide you with a deep and healthy sleep.


We do not know about life without this product, but it can quite help you with a healthy sleep. A glass of warm milk with honey (or without honey) – and it will be much easier to fall asleep. All is due to the fact that there is an amino acid tryptophan in milk, which is necessary for the formation of serotonin – a hormone of joy.


Tomatoes are known to many as one of the richest sources of the hormone of happiness – serotonin. In addition, it contains tyramine – a compound that turns into serotonin already in the body. Due to this, the tomato instantly calms the nervous system, improves mood and acts as an antidepressant. Therefore, going to bed, you can eat a tomato and you will have a sound and healthy sleep. However, of course, not mixed with the milk.


By the way, in the matter of nuts, you can choose any kind of them – from peanuts to mega-nutty walnuts. The fact is that the result will be one – you can get rid of internal stress, because nuts have a beneficial effect on the normalization of pressure in the arteries with a calm heart.

However, it is best to choose almonds that neutralize irritability and fatigue, thus soothing the body before going to sleep.

A good “pair” to almonds will be pistachios, which are literally filled with saturated fats, antioxidants and fiber, thanks to which slags are removed from the body and it becomes much calmer to sleep.

Tea with chamomile or mint

About chamomile tea, which, was invented to treat diseases of the nervous system and to soothe, it is said quite a lot. The thing is that chamomile flavonoid is contained in chamomile tea – a remedy that perfectly helps against panic attacks, unreasonable fears, increased anxiety, hysterics and, of course, nightmares. However, doctors advise drinking 3-4 cups of chamomile tea a day for several weeks in a row to get rid of nightmares if not forever, then for a long time.


The British are one of the quietest and ironic nations on the planet. You will never see them in a loud clarification of relations or grandiose scandals. One of the factors of this aristocratic calm is the cult of oatmeal in the country. Indeed, this cereal has a lot of fiber, folic acid and vitamin B, which stimulate brain activity in the morning, and when eating porridge in the evening, on the contrary, they calm down and give a sense of poise.

All these products are extremely useful in fighting nightmares. However, do not eat them later than an hour before going to bed, it is unlikely that in this case you will be able to immediately fall asleep.

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