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Exercise to many people is just another ‘to do’ on their long list. During long work days, or long days at school, the last thing many of us want to do is exercise. We fall into a routine and the gym/at home exercise becomes a duty rather than a privilege. Our minds become detached from exercise, and your work out is consequently belittled as your body simply goes through the motions.

I am a firm believer in the concept that you won’t get results of any kind if your mind and heart aren’t into it. For this reason, I refuse to step on a treadmill; I absolutely despise it. In my eyes, I could run for miles and miles, and step off no better than I was before. Several fitness experts say you shouldn’t engage in any sort of exercise that you dislike, as it won’t be beneficial. Find exercises you love, and be willing to try new things in terms of exercise. Once exercise becomes routine, it is very easy to fall into a pool of boredom. 

Sometimes, the fix is easy: create a new playlist to listen to as you train (search for apps that allow you to customize your upbeat listening, like Spring) or watch a motivational speaker prior to exercise. On that note, my personal favorite is Inky Johnson, who is easy to access & listen to on YouTube. 

I am a frequent gym goer, and I therefore often see the same people there; unfortunately, they are usually utilizing only the same two or three machines each and every time. Your body adapts to these few exercises, and only works on those few muscles. It is extremely unhealthy to isolate one part of your body and work solely on improving that constantly. In order to keep my entire body seeking improvement and to keep my mind in a state of desire to continue to exercise, I try to always incorporate things I’ve never tried before.

I have been lucky enough to recieve plyometric and speed training and participate in crossfit. I’m constantly trying to incorporate exercises I have learned im these sessions into my everyday workouts. Attending any sessions like these, or a training/fitness session at Thinking Outside The Diamond, LLC, allows for us to continue to discover new exercises and workouts, keeping our minds fresh towards the subject. 

Don’t be afraid of skipping the gym either; instead, go for a run on the beach or through the park, or swim in the pool. Be open to doing a yoga or spinning class. Keep in mind that not every workout needs to be intense. 

Ultimately, each workout is what you make it. If you’re able to keep your mind and heart into your workouts, you will continue to see results.

Guest Post By: Taylor Bouchard