Our blood circulatory system if taken out of our body would make up roughly 74k miles in length that is enough to go around the entire world 2 times.  Our heart pumps over 2k gallons of blood thru our body on a daily basis to help keep us alive and moving.  This all happens naturally however with age, diet, life stresses etc this process begins to decline and when that happens so does our efficiency to recovery and eliminate waste/toxins and bring nutrients to tissues and organs, aka: aging.  We as humans are not getting enough PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) thru the earth’s surface to help stimulate this process inside our cells.  A healthy cell is negatively charged and thru proper PEMF it helps create proper movement of these cells.  Over 74% of our circulatory happens at the micro level (capillaries) and the macro level (veins and arteries make up approximately the other 26%.  This is easy to see why it’s vital to have a PEMF device that helps get to the micro level and not just the macro level to see the best benefits of this type of therapy. This is where BEMER comes into play for my clients and athletes which has given them amazing results!