1. STANCE: This is the first aspect we want to attack b/c if you don’t start right you won’t finish right.  This changes per the player’s strength and size.  Majority of the time I like to keep it simple as hitting is hard enough so feet a little outside the shoulders- parallel with weight over the balls of the feet.  Have your weight loaded on the back leg so you have something to drive with when you initiate the swing.

2. STRIDE: Again this changes per the player’s strength and size but majority of the time we want this to be short and quick to help with the inertia.  I like the stride foot to land toward the pitcher slightly turned approx. 45% from the start to help with the initiation of the hips as they will begin in the next phase.

3. SWING: Think of 2 pivot points your back hip and your back scapula (shoulder blade).  You want to load these and keep them loaded until the hips begin to initiate to the ball and the back foot begins to turn. At that point these two points will create a whip effect toward the ball with the bat.

If you don’t break down your swing and make sure these aspects are working together in a uniform manner you will have power leakage and or complete breakdown of your swing.  It’s key to work on each phase by itself starting with #1 and finishing with #3.