Coach Rick Saggese, owner and founder of Think Outside The Diamond, is proud to announce he has added strength training classes and BEMER Vascular Therapy to his lineup of services.  Saggese is widening his scope to not only train athletes, but also, adults looking to improve their strength, flexibility, agility and live a healthier life style.  According to Coach Saggese, he makes it his goal to help improve the performance of local athletes as well as those seeking better health at his training facility in Naples. He is offering open classes on Saturdays and private strength and agility training by appointment.  His newest service is BEMER Vascular Therapy. The 15 minute sessions are geared to help increase general blood flow and circulation, reduce chronic inflammation, increase oxygen, increase nutrient absorption, increase energy and mental focus and much more.

Saggese invites those interested in feeling better to visit for a free consultation and trial session. He is also offering packages of 5 or 10 sessions to fit any lifestyle and budget.  “If you want to feel balance in your life and better health, it takes a commitment to a healthier lifestyle, which includes exercise and training,” says Saggese. “We want to see improvement with every client, and we do.”

Think Outside The Diamond opened for business in 2012 and is considered a premier sports performance training facility. Saggese trains athletes from all sports and specializes in baseball and softball. His training practices consist of sport specific acceleration, power and plyometric training. His  website still caters to athletes in all sports in strength, agility, speed, flexibility or baseball and softball skill set instruction.