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1. How can I decrease my 40 or 60 yard dash time? we answer this in our video portion of our lab as we demonstrate why a certain start is more effective than the traditional cross over step which can save you 2/10 of a second.

2.What does it mean to “Load the joint” and why is this so important? we answer this in our video portion of our lab with specific drills.

3. How can I improve my visual concentration, focus and tracking? we provide many printable pdf documents for visual enhancement that you print with exercises you can do at home in the lab.

4. My confidence has taken a hit lately how can I get this back? this is discussed in detail thru our podcasts on how to combat fear of failure & the mental game in sports. We even provide you pdf forms to print to keep you on track with our Quality At Bat chart.

5. Why Proper fueling is key to your health and fitness goals? we answer this in our video portion of our lab as well as give you food tracking forms to print to make sure you stick to your plan.

6. What new recipes do you have that will help keep eating exciting? we have over 20 recipes from meals to deserts to protein smoothies that you can print.

7. How long is my subscription and will it auto renew? your subscription is 30 days and it will NOT auto renew unless you check the box “auto renew” when you initially sign up. We offer a 2 day money back guarantee if you aren’t convinced the lab can help you in your learning and development contact us within the 2 day window and we will refund your money.

8.  How can I improve my range of motion and relieve back pain? we provide videos in our lab that demonstrates important stretches that focus on the 3 major areas that create the most problems for range of motion and back pain thru the Active Isolated Stretching technique.

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